.New and Improved

Fingerstock Improves proformace and will now come on all antennas. 

If you have an Alpine Antenna you can purchase and easily install it yourself. Price $35 plus shipping.

If would like Wes to install the fingerstock add $15 Labor to the price.

Avaliable in Silver, Black and White.

Want an EZ Lifter,antenna or

Upgrade to Fingerstock

e-mail Wes at


or call at 



Height fully retracted without whip 36 inches

Frequency Coverage with 6ft. whip - 6 thru 80 meters

The mast has a matching coil machined into the base

Total Height with 6ft whip at 10 meters - 9ft

Total Height with 6ft whip at 80 meters - 10ft 2 in. 

Power Rating - 500 watts continuous.

SWR -1.5 to 1 or less

Weight - 7lbs.


I do not sell whips. It is less expensive for you to buy them locally.






6 month warranty on antenna*

Lifetime warranty on coil and finger-stock

*Buyer pays shipping both ways for repairs

After Warranty expires buyer pays shipping both ways,$20 labor, plus parts

(warranty void for unauthorized disassembly, negligence or improper use)



  Screwdriver   Antennas


  First I bought a screwdriver antenna to mount on my Jeep for use during motorhome vacations.  Now I make and test all the antennas myself and provide all the follow up service  needed to get you talking. My goal is an antenna that works well and is reasonably priced.


Check out my reviews on eHam. Just search reviews for KA6ELK.


 Revised 8-9-17

                   ANTENNA  REPAIRS

             We refurbish all makes of Screwdriver Antennas.

              DK3 and all other makes.

               $59.95 Labor Only

               Plus shipping and parts  



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